Bloons TD 6 Paragon Tier List - v39.X

Explore our comprehensive Bloons TD 6 Paragon Tier List for in-depth insights and tactical tips.

Note: this Paragon tier list is a work in progress, and changes / optimizations should be expected in the coming weeks!


Each BTD6 Paragon ranked by their power and effectiveness.


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Navarch of the Seas

Secret message.../p>

Goliath Doomship


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Master Builder


Secret message.../p>

Ascended Shadow

Secret message.../p>

Magus Perfectus


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Glaive Dominus


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Apex Plasma Master


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Monkey Sub Paragon

Frequently Asked Questions

Some FAQs about this tier list, how it was made, etc.

How was this tier list made?

This tier list was made by combining expert insights from YouTuber Punji BTD6's Paragon Tier List video, compilations from, and insights from Reddit threads.

Which game mode is this tier list made for?

Given the expensive nature of Paragon towers in BTD6, these towers will likely be used in Freeplay mode or within Boss Challenges. However, you can use them wherever you see fit!

If a Paragon is ranked poorly, should I never use it?

Each of these Paragons have their own use cases and can perform well in their own circumstances! Just because a Paragon is ranked poorly doesn't mean you can't use it. More information about each Paragon's strengths and weaknesses will be added to the tier list soon.

Is this tier list finished?

No. This tier list is a work in progress, and changes/optimizations should be expected in the coming weeks!